70 Achilles Ave

Nelson, 7010



Located in sunny Nelson, our mission is to bring you some of the best local and international craft beers available. We stock a curated range of beers both available on tap and in our store room to bring you a variety of flavors that will inspire and challenge the craftiest beer lover.

In addition, to add even more variety to the palate of our customers, we now have superb Allan Scott wine and homebrewed Kombucha ready for service.

We strive to provide the best products and to bring the cream of the crop to the table, we hope you enjoy the ever-changing range available at the #CBD - so get your mates together and come on down.




We like to think we stock the best of the best craft beers currently available in the market, our beer list is ever changing as we hunt for different flavors and techniques being used in the industry today. We like flavors that are thought provoking, tasteful and challenge the pallet. Come on in and taste or shop our curated range today.



A group of friends came up with the idea to create a one-stop shop that is all about beer. We are so lucky to have hops and grain both grown so close to Nelson.

And so – Craft Beer Depot was born in April 2016. We want to invite you to come to discover the delight of craft beer at the Craft Beer Depot.

Our mission is to provide an environment, which is welcoming and inclusive, where you can ask any question you want and our helpful team will help you – not sneer at you.

A team which is free to choose the products we want to stock, and we choose to stock great beers from local, national and international producers who have one similarity – they hold the craft of brewing central to their ethos and are independent of mega-corporations.



"Hidden down an alley off a shopping square, there is a genuine feel to the place. There is also serious knowledge and love for craft beer." — SteveUS2NZ

"I came here looking for a couple of really specific beers and these guys were very helpful and friendly. Great selection of craft beer." — RobLive7

"Funky vibe and great selection of craft beers from across the country; even some international stuff. You can also fill growlers to take away. " — Sara B

"Relaxed and welcoming, this bar has a home feel to it. If you want a low key setting with good music then check it out.  " — Glen V



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